“A Writers Thoughts”

A while back there was a time I embarked on a mission of self reflection and my main objective was to try and separate what I liked and what I loved ….; in my mind it seemed rather simple and trivial until I started drawing the line between like and love that’s when it become apparent that what I seemed to like I loved and what I seemed to love I liked.

I kept repeating and attempting it over and over again and we all know that doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is pure madness, then again it might be also a good thing as modern science has proofed and has come to find that many find insanity as a feeling of importance that they were unable to achieve in the world of reality, But since am comfortable where I am I let go of my mission purely because I love my life as it is and there was no need for me to get some screws loose up their just because of something trivial such as this.

With that behind me I went out and bought a book for me to be writing down my thoughts and pieces. Not because I had filled the old one, No…! It’s because I feel the one that I have has some bad Chi or Voodoo. Letting you in a little secret if you dint already know, we writers are very weird beings as we tend to fill our shelves with books and writing pads half filled with all manner of articles and items and a whole lot of scribbling just because of this feeling…..; But I have faith in my new book and I will not let it succumb like the others, For now am just staring at it as it’s whiteness blinds my eyes as it reflects light from the overhanging light bulb over my head.
Am quite scared as I try and imagine and visualize what am supposed to write, though nothing is forthcoming I don’t give in as something deep inside me is telling me that this is the beginning of another great milestone.

Mindful Edward™


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