I Choose To Fight

To give up ……; that’s what is in my mind when I look around of what is left of my life. I have tried all remedies to get back up, but there are things I can’t shake down, feelings I can’t let go, demons that can’t be quenched.

I am an empty shell in a whole world and it’s just a matter of time before the weight of the world crushes my empty shell. What gives me comfort is; no one will see all the hurt inside as there is nothing left inside of me.

To give up ……; my pastor says it’s the easy way out and I shouldn’t do it, and my psychiatrist says I have too much hurt inside and I should let it out, and my mother says I have forgotten about God and the world says it doesn’t care to give up is a sweet option like the forbidden fruit of Eden.

The sweet scent of defeat is what is firing up and keeping alive the demons inside of me and they know I know I can’t stop feeding them for I am a dreamer and I can’t live without a dream  inside of me.

I choose to fight ……; with every dream I have the more I fight the demons and the hurt inside from taking what’s mine, for I want to feel whole again and the more I fight the more I feel alive. There is power in each and every one of us to conquer the defeat that is inside of us, choose to fight and you will realize how strong and capable you are.

Mindful Edward ™


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