How to Make It in the “A” (Africa)

Dirty Children playing in the nearby construction site; oblivious of the danger they expose themselves to …, Monkeys terrorizing people or a local medicine man claiming he can cure any ailment known to man including raising the dead! Or something more dramatic as posing as an endangered culture that is on the brink of extinction after struggling through time to preserve its heritage ….”Something that captivates a Mzungu I what am looking for.”

But then again there are easier ways of making money  …”I just need to get myself off the coach and actually look for an actual job,” but then again I have never functioned well under supervision and I also don’t work well under instructions either, that’s why I like being my own boss my time has always been my business and it has been making me  money just as the wise Mzungu had said  “time is money” something I always live up to fulfill, but of late that has not been the trend and that’s why am looking for a new Act. As u know here in the “A” when one finds his luck and you so happen to make some money and people find out you did, your trade soon spreads like wild fire engulfing every entrepreneur out there and you know too many cooks spoil the broth and soon sales go down and the business becomes obsolete just like the many others I have ventured.

But worry not my dear reader as a plan is underway for I won’t succumb to self-pity for I have discovered the secret to success here in the “A” and it lies in the publicizing the poverty and misery of my fellow beings. As bad as it sounds you have to agree it has worked wonders to many who have dared to venture into the uncharted waters, and just like the vast seas there is a lot of misery  out there and all you need to do is pick the one that you fancy take a few photos here and there and sell it to the rest of the world sit down and watch as the money starts to pile up…; you may hate it or love it but for me it’s all about business and a nice and sweet retirement deal for me myself and I.

Mindful Edward™



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