There is ever this question in the back of my mind “how is she doing, does she remember I even exist ..; does she remember our great moments ..?” as it has been almost an year now since she left but as it is said time is great healer as it has tested the unthinkable and has paved way for a new frontier that was quite unexpected.

I have never believed in fate, but in a twist of it her departure made me realize how courageous I had become. She came into my life when I needed her the most and just like an angel set from up above, when her work was complete and I was whole again she left mysteriously as she found me. I will forever be grateful to her wherever she might be as she will always have a special place in my heart just like a lost love.

Every day I pray for our paths to cross so as to see how you are doing and to thank you for being a friend when I needed one, as for now I rest easy knowing that one day our paths shall cross yet again in this world or the next one to come. I pray thy Heavenly Father to keep u safe and watch over you until we meet again.

Mindful Edward™


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