Flower Talk (Valentines Special)

(It’s almost magical when you go through your old books and find an article that you most certainly had forgotten about and seeing it brings a special kind of grin on your face.., well this one is just that..; I wrote it back in 2010 and I believe it’s still as fresh as ever and can be brought back to life.)

They say actions speak louder
Than words, thus today I shall not speak
For speech is Mere; for words alone
Can’t bring out.., how I truly feel about

So I shall give you a rose; a red rose,
A symbol of our love, courage and
Respect to each other, and add a touch
Of rose buds to show how innocent
Our love was and how it has grown
To a beautiful Love.

And because our love was pure, I shall
Give you a white rose, for am worthy
For you; and add a bouquet of white
And red roses to symbolize our unity
And add a touch of red buds to make it
Pure and lovely.

To top it all I shall give you a pink rose,
For your gentility is beyond nature and
Also to show my appreciation;

To finish it all I shall give you a yellow
Rose, for am joyful every time Am with you
And always glad that forever we shall
Be friends.

Mindful Edward™


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