It’s not too late To Turn Back


image credits: Deviant Art

It’s quite interesting how our mindset change’s as we grow older and start having the grip of reality that our minds never once believed they existed. When I was young I always wanted to be old so that I could go everywhere I wanted without the consent of anyone and when finally when I did get old I again wanted to be young for now I envied how my parents tirelessly tried to shield me from the cruelty of this world of which now am very familiar with;
A while back I came across a poem of which the author described how our modern society was turning us to be insensitive to the less fortunate and he was pleading to the world and more so to others whom he perceived as heartless to teach him how to be blind so that he couldn’t see his brothers suffering and also to teach him how to be deaf…. so that he couldn’t hear the screams of his battered sister.

In our modern day society there is fear and cruelty everywhere, we talk of being in the 21st century the frontier of modern day technology; we talk of how life has become easier…, for services are just but a click of a button away but truth be told we are now more fearful of our surroundings than when man lived in the jungle; high perimeter walls, high voltage fences and CCTV cameras have become the norm and the scary bit is, they are not there in place to keep away wild animals, they are there to keep away our own kind. Our life expectancy has also dropped drastically while our social relations are almost grinding into a halt thanks to the social media and online dating services which have personally removed the personal touch in everything which leads me to my second conundrum “is life depraved now more than when man lived in the jungle …?”
I don’t know about you but for me it’s a big YES! For when man lived in the jungle the only fundamental fear he had was being preyed upon by other animals, his life expectancy was presumably better and if he had enemies of his own kind the rules of engagement were clearly spelt out unlike today where we judge others by their appearance rather than what they have to offer, it was never like this and I know it’s not also too late to recover what we have lost and all that is needed is just to put humility and humanity first before all our other interests.

Mindful Edward™


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