The Greatest Magician

Once again I sit at an impasse between me, my pen, and my never ending white sheet of paper and all that rings in my mind is a song. A great song which has been sung through many generations and still stands firm as it were sung yesterday. The song goes on to say “yesterday is gone sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine, so teach me today to take every day one day at a time”

That’s why I believe that one day I shall finish my story and it shall end with a happy ending. It may sound stereotype to you but for me once a great story is cast into the realms of this world, it’s left out to wean itself and take its own course and destiny, the writer is only responsible for breathing life into it on the white sheet of paper but will not be responsible for its final shape as all that will come after is determined by the writers day to day activities.

I don’t know about you but I have always considered writing as the biggest act of deception in deviation and allusion that can only be understood by the Author. People talk of great deeds done by magicians and how they deceive in pure day light, for me the greatest magician is a writer for the eyes are easily deceived, that’s a magician’s catch. But for a writer to deceive one’s mind into his/her unconventional way of thinking it’s the best act off illusion that has been taken for granted for centuries.

You might be reading this and all that is going through your mind is “where is this story heading …, what does he want to say…, what does all this mean” questions that even I cannot answer as the story is slowly shaping itself and am no longer in control of its outcome. But from experience, good writing is achieved by being able to hold onto the truth until the very end for some they find this intriguing, others find it annoying.

Many are times you read through a passage or a story only to realize it was not of help at all but the irony is… you will probably do the same thing over and over again with different passages and the only explanation you could possible come up with is just a “Maybe” of what the writer wanted you to know, but rest assured the writers words will forever play in the back of your mind, influencing your decisions, slowly shaping your new destiny.

Mindful Edward™


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