Tribute to Forgotten Hero

(Another beautiful one from the archives of Mindful; this one from back in 2014 January reminded me of how fun it is to write…. enjoy)

Tribute to Forgotten Hero

The pleasure of writing is ever satisfactory, for me the feeling is always overwhelming as if I have won a long fought war. for every time I finish an article and I sit back overlooking it, I feel as if am standing over a hill overlooking my conquest while in the back of my mind I replay the rush of thoughts “the insane ones mostly” that didn’t make the cut while lightly tapping the table with my pen; I have no idea why I do this and maybe I will never do……….,  coming back to reality I lightly place my pen back onto its holder and notice its almost running dry a and think to myself what if I didn’t have another to replace it, no doubt my whole world would sadly become meaningless, like a comic book without a hero that’s how my world would be.

In every conquest there is hero who is usually forgotten, their work being the backbone of each success story. These heroes give life, colour and add voice to the voiceless. That’s why today I want to give tribute to such a hero who has shaped the best and worst of my battles, my dear “PEN” you will truly be missed. You voiced my opinions and ideas to the masses and gave my world colour when I needed it the most. As your tip slowly runs dry, even the paper begins to crumble and tear….; for it knows the end of a legacy is near and fast approaching. But for you, deep inside you know it’s just the beginning of an even greater legacy as your work will live forever to be enjoyed by many generations to come. From my end it’s just a sweet and bitter a goodbye for you shall be greatly missed; but forever remembered every time one goes through a good read that you so magnificently crafted to life.

Mindful Edward™


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