Bitter Sweet Memories

“He who searches for friends without faults will never have a friend”

I want to speak of my dear friend, my one and only friend of whom now I try so hard not to speak of. It was not always like this; back then we seemed inseparable…… we complimented each other in each and every way , Truth be told, no one knows how fellow human beings come to be close friends. Do we choose them or do they choose us? For me I knew where I stood I always believed I am the one who choose on whom to keep close and on whom to keep at arm’s length but the more I remember how it all started back then the more I realize how mistaken I was I dint have many options of friendships it was either her or the Thug or the Broker whom didn’t want his deals followed for fear of loss of business. So I decided to settle for the subtle, little did I know it was a ticking time bomb that couldn’t be diffused.

Due to life lessons I have come to equate friendship to marriage. You never want to settle for subtle for subtle beings are the ones that silence you in the night with a warming kiss. One thing that this experience has taught me is never to settle for less than you deserve; these words have been spoken upon again and again and still no one takes heed. It’s also said that “Whoever ceases to be a friend was never one at all” but in reality friendship does not cease its “Dies” an awful and painful death and should never be resuscitated for it will never be the same as its painful scars that led to its demise will forever haunt you and you will know no peace for you will always be anticipating the worst that’s why I cannot bear to walk the same path that lead to my destruction for after its death my inner being was awakened from slumber and now I see thing s in a new perspective

Its true our friendship did die but it didn’t cease for I can’t erase you in my mind for you are not only responsible for the bad memories in my life but you are also responsible for the best memories I will ever have in my life time …. But for now we shall walk separate paths and my only hope is that our paths shall cross once again in the near future.

Mindful Edward ™


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