This is the sort of writing that earns you a ticket to the psychiatrist; I hope my family doesn’t read this. And for you my dear readers I know you will understand and appreciate the creativeness inside it.


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In the realms of imagination,
A distant soul yearns for my presence.

I twist and turn. Am in too deep,
I wish someone would awaken me,
Am a captive of my own illusions..;
From the other side.

What have I gotten myself into?”

The distant soul feels like flesh and bones.
The more I pull away the stronger it becomes,

Is this the end of me?

Chills of the night, wonderer’s of the dusk,
Ghosts before morning; I grace you with my presence
Do you acknowledge me, it identifies itself

Yes I do. And should I be scared? I responded

“No it replied

Am the Guardian of the balance;
Keeper of what roams in the dark,
Seer, of what’s unseen in the dark,
And you have strayed in too deep,
You need to turn back before it is too late.

Mindful Edward™



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