Newness of Life

With a few hours left, the Easter special just wants and needs to be posted. It has been haunting me to share it for a while now..; last year I did two poems for a school in kiambu, The Newness of Life and The Empty Tomb for them to recite before they went on break for their holidays hope you enjoy them and pass by on Sunday for The Empty Tomb.., happy Easter everyone.


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Newness of Life

Who is to condemn..; for Christ Jesus
Is the one who died for us, and he
Is at the right hand of the father
Interceding for us.

How beautiful is it, that if we confess with
Our mouths that Jesus is lord and believe
In our hearts that God raised him from
The dead we will be saved.

For he will not condemn your soul or
Let your soul be corrupt, he will swallow
Up death in victory and the lord will
Wipe away tears from our faces.

For me..; No one is to condemn. For my redeemer
Lives, and at the last he will take his stand
And raise us up by his power and by the
Glory of his father.., we too might walk
In the newness of life.

Mindful Edward™




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