Life is like a clock

Every second that ticks away merely marks where we have been…; Life is like a clock, we are dying as we are living, but I would prefer to look at it another way. Life is like an ever present horizon extending unstoppably that equalizes us all.

Life is like a clock

Tick tock! Tick tock! the sluggish
Hour hand followed the graceful
Minute hand while the majestic
Second hand outdid their prowess
In each rotation.

For life is like a clock and I refuse
To be the hour hand, for it appears
Lazy and fat, just sitting their
Edging slowly as if it had all the
Time in the world.

I admire the graceful minute hand, the
Person in between.
Never too late, and never too early
Comfortable in the middle, with a slight
Advancement but better than the latter
But still refuse to be in the middle,
Motionless As if dead.

I endeavor to become the second hand
The over achiever, the flamboyant one
They race through life, realizing victory
In everything they undertake.
But still life is like a clock, for even
Though majestic. the sluggish hour hand
And the graceful minute hand soon catches
Up with the majestic one

Mindful Edward™


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