This one came to me by surprise ..; it came to me early in the morning while I was half asleep. I will range this one as a free verse poem where everything goes but one thing am sure it will do is inspire someone today and in the future.


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Deep within the thorns,
A rose flower emerges.

Deep within the darkness of the soil,
A scattered seed sprouts into a seedling.

Amongst the hard rocks,
A vibrant green city of moss thrives.

From an unlikely seed;
The grand majestic mustard tree comes forth.

Thus do not despair ..; where your life is at today.
For your season of harvest has just begun,

Deep inside you, lies a bottom less pit full of potential
You may appear beaten down, condemned by the society


Deep within you, something has been growing,
And you can feel it, it makes you smile
Of how beautiful it is, and once it surfaces;
It will inspire the world.., and beyond.

Mindful Edward™


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