Before My Body Fails

Imagination precedes science, and reality is not as obvious and simple as we may think. That’s why we need to appreciate the present moment as this moment will never come again.


Image Source : themindfulword

Before My Body Fails

Before my body fails I want to
Live in the present, but ready for the future
For a dream once dreamt can never be
Undreamt but can be watered down by fear
And pride

Before my body fails; I want to move forward;
No false starts, no looking back for my time is precious
And not a single minute can be spared.
For a dream once dreamt can never be repeated
And can only be imagined while one is a wake..;
The results being always a puzzle, bits of meaningless

A dream once dreamt can forever change you,
Living your life in full potential every second, Minute
And hour of your life and fear itself won’t distract me
For I am no longer its slave but a master of its purpose

Mindful Edward™



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