Imagination, Out of Body Experience, Lucid Dreams..; some of the words used to describe experiences that bring peace to our battered souls, This one shows how these states help us navigate in our every day narratives.


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Reflections upon the mirror,
Light bouncing upon my eyes,
I cannot see my reflection….,
And am not blind.

Just as the ghostly movies,
I fell unseen, misplaced, unrecognized.
I feel out of this world, “Am I Alien!”

For short moments I get to see my reflection,
My physical self,
The reality around me,
The emptiness inside;
And I remember why I want to be what I am,

Am a contradiction to modern science.

I live both in the physical and the ghostly world..;
I wish everyone would feel what I feel and see what I see.

Amongst us, they are thriving.
Amongst us, they are scolding.
Amongst us, they are teaching a deaf physical world
Willing not to learn.
Amongst us, they save us.

Reflections upon the mirror,
Am a contradiction to modern science.
I will speak and write!
Hope someone sees and helps themselves.

Just as the ghostly movies,
We share this world.
Am a contradiction to modern science,
And am thankful for seeing both reflections..
Upon my mirror.

Mindful Edward™


The Empty Tomb

Easter special continuation..,


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The Empty Tomb

Behold, I tell you a mystery …?
In the twinkling of an eye,
The last trumpet will sound
That will transform our humble states
Into conformity of his glory.

The Empty Tomb proclaims Christ has
Risen; and I shall be hold your face in
Righteousness, and be sustained in your
Likeness. For our toil will not be in vain
In the lord.

The Empty Tomb proclaims Christ has
Risen; and I will not be put into shame
In anything.
With all boldness, Christ will even now
As always be exalted, by life or by death
For to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Behold it is no longer a mystery…….
Christ has been raised, for it was the
Will of He who sent him. That he was
To suffer so as to proclaim light to all
Strengthening and encouraging us to
Continue in the faith saying through all
Tribulations I will enter the kingdom
Of God.

Mindful Edward™

Newness of Life

With a few hours left, the Easter special just wants and needs to be posted. It has been haunting me to share it for a while now..; last year I did two poems for a school in kiambu, The Newness of Life and The Empty Tomb for them to recite before they went on break for their holidays hope you enjoy them and pass by on Sunday for The Empty Tomb.., happy Easter everyone.


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Newness of Life

Who is to condemn..; for Christ Jesus
Is the one who died for us, and he
Is at the right hand of the father
Interceding for us.

How beautiful is it, that if we confess with
Our mouths that Jesus is lord and believe
In our hearts that God raised him from
The dead we will be saved.

For he will not condemn your soul or
Let your soul be corrupt, he will swallow
Up death in victory and the lord will
Wipe away tears from our faces.

For me..; No one is to condemn. For my redeemer
Lives, and at the last he will take his stand
And raise us up by his power and by the
Glory of his father.., we too might walk
In the newness of life.

Mindful Edward™



That Is What It Is

In order for a system to work effectively and flawlessly, there must be a group of workers suffering and enduring long working hours for a few to enjoy.


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That Is What It Is

A two faced monster
A wolf in sheep clothing,
That is what it is.
A barren land
A land full off opportunities

A two faced monster
That is what it is.
A jovial group, a pack of tourist,
A frustrated group, a thousand
Workers, an angry lot

Luxurious style, expensive
Eateries, Presidential suits,
Words describing comfort
A Tourist song
An overcrowded camp, in adequate
Facilities, unfriendly working conditions,
A workers agony

A two faced monster
That is what it is
A barren land
A land full of opportunities

Mindful Edward™

I am a Writer

People on the outside think there’s something magical about writing, that you go up in the attic at midnight and cast the bones and come down in the morning with a story, but it isn’t like that. You sit in back of the typewriter and you work, and that’s all there is to it.
– Harlan Ellison

I am a Writer
I am a writer not by birth,
But by perception; though I may
Not write rhymes that rhyme I
Tend to be dismissed for Imperfection.

I am a writer not by birth
But by choice, for what I write
Can’t be spoken…., my words
Equivalent to a picture; having
A thousand meanings

I am a writer not by birth
But by heart for what I write
Is a piece of myself, a reflection-
Of one self, written in order to warn
Or rectify my future self or my Generation

I am a writer not by birth
But of mind, responsible for the
Conception of conscious thoughts,
Responsible for its safe delivery into
The uncertain world,

I am a writer not by birth
Nor by influence but of choice.

Mindful Edward™


This is the sort of writing that earns you a ticket to the psychiatrist; I hope my family doesn’t read this. And for you my dear readers I know you will understand and appreciate the creativeness inside it.


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In the realms of imagination,
A distant soul yearns for my presence.

I twist and turn. Am in too deep,
I wish someone would awaken me,
Am a captive of my own illusions..;
From the other side.

What have I gotten myself into?”

The distant soul feels like flesh and bones.
The more I pull away the stronger it becomes,

Is this the end of me?

Chills of the night, wonderer’s of the dusk,
Ghosts before morning; I grace you with my presence
Do you acknowledge me, it identifies itself

Yes I do. And should I be scared? I responded

“No it replied

Am the Guardian of the balance;
Keeper of what roams in the dark,
Seer, of what’s unseen in the dark,
And you have strayed in too deep,
You need to turn back before it is too late.

Mindful Edward™


Bitter Sweet Memories

“He who searches for friends without faults will never have a friend”

I want to speak of my dear friend, my one and only friend of whom now I try so hard not to speak of. It was not always like this; back then we seemed inseparable…… we complimented each other in each and every way , Truth be told, no one knows how fellow human beings come to be close friends. Do we choose them or do they choose us? For me I knew where I stood I always believed I am the one who choose on whom to keep close and on whom to keep at arm’s length but the more I remember how it all started back then the more I realize how mistaken I was I dint have many options of friendships it was either her or the Thug or the Broker whom didn’t want his deals followed for fear of loss of business. So I decided to settle for the subtle, little did I know it was a ticking time bomb that couldn’t be diffused.

Due to life lessons I have come to equate friendship to marriage. You never want to settle for subtle for subtle beings are the ones that silence you in the night with a warming kiss. One thing that this experience has taught me is never to settle for less than you deserve; these words have been spoken upon again and again and still no one takes heed. It’s also said that “Whoever ceases to be a friend was never one at all” but in reality friendship does not cease its “Dies” an awful and painful death and should never be resuscitated for it will never be the same as its painful scars that led to its demise will forever haunt you and you will know no peace for you will always be anticipating the worst that’s why I cannot bear to walk the same path that lead to my destruction for after its death my inner being was awakened from slumber and now I see thing s in a new perspective

Its true our friendship did die but it didn’t cease for I can’t erase you in my mind for you are not only responsible for the bad memories in my life but you are also responsible for the best memories I will ever have in my life time …. But for now we shall walk separate paths and my only hope is that our paths shall cross once again in the near future.

Mindful Edward ™